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How to choose your hybrid bike

A VTC is, as its name suggests, a mountain bike. It is ideal for driving on asphalt and roads. The Hybride bike (HB*) is located between the city bike and the mountain bike. It is perfect for family outings. It’s a very versatile model.

The differences between a HB, a city bike and a mountain bike

  • Wheels: as with a city bike, the diameter of the wheels of the HB is larger than on a mountain bike. The tires of the HB are narrower than those of the ATV. Ideal compromise for use on the road or on the road.
  • Comfort: the driving position on a HB is more comfortable than on an ATV. The HB allows you to drive with your chest up. There is therefore less risk of contracting back pain!
  • Equipment: HBs are often equipped with comfort elements that you will not find on ATVs (e.g. mudguards and luggage racks).
  • Suspension: HBs can be equipped with a telescopic fork, double-walled rims and serrated tires to maintain comfort on rough roads.

Which HB s to choose?

To choose your HB, it is essential to determine in advance your program of use. There are two families of HB models SPORTS or more casual models the URBAN model, here are the differences between the two:

The sports HB is intended for use mainly on roads

First of all, it is distinguished by its frame geometry. Indeed, you will have a more aerodynamic position (not very comfortable), the posture will look more like that of an ATV (however some models exist with an adjustable stem allowing you to have a straighter posture).

  • It generally has an adjustable or even lockable telescopic fork.
  • Wider tires for use mainly on roads.
  • An equipment adapted to off-road use, upper range derailleur, indexed gearshift levers (simpler and more precise often in triple 21 or 24 speed gears), V-brake or disc brakes which makes it versatile.
  • It is often lighter because it lacks luggage racks, mudguards and other comfort features.

The urban Hybrid bike

Unlike sports models, the urban hybride bike is essentially designed to run on asphalt and from time to time take paths that are not too brittle. The geometry of the frame and the multiple adjustable elements allow for a particularly comfortable driving position.

  • The frame can be made of steel or aluminium (lighter), equipped with a comfortable seat, a rigid or telescopic front fork with low travel and wheels with a diameter of 700 mm with tires generally thinner than on a sporty HB and without studs.
  • Urban HB are often equipped with many comfort features: mudguards, luggage racks, adjustable stem…
  • It can also be equipped with a suspended seat post for even more comfort.
  • As a general rule, they have an adjustable and adjustable stem and a handlebar that is wide and curved for a comfortable riding posture.
  • The number of speeds 7 or 21 to choose from depending on the distances covered and the more or less hilly roads.
  • The frame size is often one size only, but some models are available in several frame sizes. They are also available in two wheel sizes, 26 or 28 inches, allowing them to fit both small and large sizes.